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Stick N' Poke is launched!

Updated: Jul 14, 2019

Justin Kenyon, Founder/Producer welcomes you to the Stick N' Poke blog. Follow along on our journey as we produce meaningful content - films, documentaries, television docu-series and scripted shows.

Immigration, deportation, discrimination, unconscious bias, privilege, and a broken judicial system. These are just a few of the relevant, necessary topics within our society that must be acknowledged, discussed, and faced. In today’s political climate, there are too many people unaware. In order for us to ever evolve to a safe nation for all, we must listen to one another and take on the hard conversations. With this film, will create a medium for people to discuss, debate, and allow for progression in reinventing what was once one of the greatest nations in the world.“


Illegal - a film by Justin Kenyon
The image that ignited our first short film currently ini production - ILLEGAL.

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